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Bodice: 100% Cotton Lime Green
Trim: Poly/Cotton Cord 
Features: Middle Front
VerticalPoly Flexi-Boning
Embroidered Bodice
Hand-painted Bodice
Closure: Satin Ribbon
*Hand-Wash Cold or Dry Clean, Hang-Dry*


Bodice: 100% Cotton Gingham
Trim: Black Elastic 
Features: Embroidered Bodice
Closure: Black Elastic

*Hand-Wash Cold or

Washing Machine Cold, Hang Dry*

Bodice: 100% Cotton Lined, 
Ribbed Poly/Cotton Blend 
Straps: Cotton Zippers
Features: Embroidered Bodice
Closure: Pullover Racer-Back
*Hand-Wash or Dry Clean, Hang-Dry* 


Bodice: Denim 
Features: Embroidered Patches
Ribbed Cotton 
Closure: Black Elastic 
*Hand-Wash or Washing Machine Cold, Hang-Dry*


Bodice: Spandex/Poly Digital Printed Grid
Features: 2 Front Chest Diagonal
Poly Flexi-Boning 
Embroidered Bodice
Closure: Pullover Strapless
*Hand-Wash Cold,  Hang-Dry*


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